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Signs And Symptoms Of Asthma Attack

Any disease has symptoms to indicate to that disease. Some of symptoms are common to several diseases so when we make a design we must sure about it. The asthma has symptoms (like any disease) and we will mention common and danger symptoms of asthma.



Common Symptoms Of Asthma Attack

These four common symptoms could be having during asthma attack (go and see a doctor if you have these symptoms):

  1. Coughing: during an asthma attack is produced the mucus inside the airways. The common reflex action to clears the airways from mucus is cough, and it happens usually at night, and it may causes your waking up.
  2. Wheezing (whistling sound when you breathe): the mucus leads to narrowed or obstructed inside the airways so airflow velocity within the respiratory tree must be heightened. That produces the wheezing.
  3. Breathing problems: having shortness of breath, gasping for air, having trouble breathing out, or breathing faster than normal. That produces the skin of your chest and neck may suck inward.
  4. Chest tightness: The asthma attack causes inflammation. That inflammation that occurs in the chest causes the asthma chest pain.

Very Important Note: It doesn’t mean if you have these symptoms you have asthma, could be another disease that causes the same symptoms. So you must to see a doctor to make sure that the symptoms from asthma.

Danger Symptoms

Call 911, call your local emergency number, or visit the nearest emergency room right away if you have any of these symptoms. These are symptoms of a serious medical emergency:

  • Hard to breathe leads to have trouble walking or talking.
  • Your lips or fingernails are blue or gray.
  • You are confused or less responsive than usual.
  • No improvement after using a quick acting (rescue) inhaler.

If your child has asthma, the child’s caregivers (you must tell them that your child have asthma) must know how to take an action (like call 911) if your child has any of above symptoms. This includes teachers, babysitters, coach, and others who take care of your child.

When Asthma Attacks Can Be Serious

  • Asthma attacks can interrupt your activities everyday: such as sleeping, school, working and exercising. It causing a huge effecting on your life and your family life, and can disrupt the lives around you.
  • Serious asthma attacks (danger symptoms) mean you are likely to need trips to the emergency room, which can be stressful (for you and your family) and costly (the costs of treatment and transportation).
  • A very severe asthma attack can lead to respiratory stopping and death.

What is the solution: the simply solution is following a strategy to control the asthma.




We talked about the main symptoms of asthma and serious symptoms that require us to intervene. You must control the asthma because it can lead you to the death in some cases.

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