Weight Loss

How Yoga Help You To Weight Loss

Information About Yoga:

Weight gain is a problem for many people in different countries. And certainly many of us are looking through the Internet for solutions to lose weight, or to follow healthy diets.

We will provide you with a topic that helps lose weight simply, also help in mental and spiritual meditation.



Yoga types differ from others, where there are many ways to practice yoga, including mental meditation, spiritual fortitude, aerobic exercise, swimming and rope jumping. This is what we will talk about specifically.

The latest scientific research and experiments confirmed that the practice of yoga regularly helps in the activity of the body and mind, and the transmission of positive energies, in addition to helping to lose fat from the body, and raising the rate of heartbeat, which helps to resist many diseases, especially for the elderly and the elimination of aging.

The Five Rules of Yoga Sport:

  • Healthy diet
  • Continuous exercise
  • breathing regulation
  • Relaxation and mental meditation
  • And positive thinking

The best thing about yoga sport, it does not cause fatigue quickly to the person practicing it. And helps the heart to work better, and works to fill the appetite and reduce eating limit, and helps to significantly burn fat in the entire body.

The results of yoga vary from person to person as a result of the different body of each person. The results may appear to someone faster than someone else, and there are cases where the results appear more than a month later.

To get the best results from yoga practice you should continue your mental and physical exercises.

Some cases prevent the practice of yoga permanently, such as people with high blood pressure. Or who suffer from major problems in the heart and breathing. It is advisable to ask specialized doctors or yoga instructors.

One of the most important yoga instructions to exercise properly and regularly on exercises, training sessions and diet and diet.

The most important yoga exercises to lose weight:

sivanada yoga:

Combines several things with each other such as reading scientific books, mental meditation, breathing regulation and healthy food systems.

ashtanga yoga:

One of the strongest exercises for the body and give it the necessary flexibility and strength more, and the most prominent benefits of working to resist weaknesses.

hatha yoga:

It is called the universal yoga system and is considered one of the easiest methods of practicing yoga and is based on practicing proper breathing, good motor conditions and the power of intellectual meditation. It is of great benefit to the elderly in the fight against mental illness. The Hatha system is the source of all yoga exercises.

bikram yoga:

These exercises are called bad exercises. They are used to carry out their movements in a very hot climatic environment with a high temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius, and there are many opinions of trainers do not prefer this type of yoga.



kundalini yoga:

This exercise focuses on a specific area of the body, which is the backbone where it is resistant to the rigid joints and work to return to its natural position by transferring the energy in it and moving it to the neck in an upward movement.