Wonderful Cure for Diabetics.600+ reduced into 60 in just one week!!!

Hi All Diabetic Patients!!! This Vedeo will help you cure the Diabetes.Meet Mr. Sudhakaran, Kodakkad, Kannur, Kerala, South India without fail !!! Wonderful …

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25 thoughts on “Wonderful Cure for Diabetics.600+ reduced into 60 in just one week!!!

  1. hello i jayakumar i want Mr Sudhakaran Kodakkad mobile no; please ( my no;
    9847112137 )

  2. HI, I AM NOT AT ALL RELATED TO SUDHAKARAN. I have seen the Surya
    T.V.Clipping. Since I too am suffering from Diabetic, more over I am Botany
    Graduate, I have studied about this plant in detail, so have some
    knowledge, I could find this plant in My own compound in Palakkad,Kerala.
    Like I studied B.Sc (Botany-1971-1974) in detail about thousands of
    Plants,trees,vines,This plant is just one of them. But the proof of
    medicinal property was not available till Sudhakaran’s Surya TV show.Thanks

  3. Thanks for your information given to the diabetic patients. I am Nageswara
    Rao from Hydeabad. I am diabetic since 15 years. Please advise me how to
    get treatment from Mr.Sudhakaran or can get i get the medicine by post or
    please tell me that plant name. Is it available in kerala only or any where
    in the country. Please inform us the mobile no. of Mr.Sudhakaran
    P.Nageswara Rao 098496 99515

  4. Dear All, After a long study we found the name of this plant in malyalm
    this is called as chittamrthu, and this is avilable all over in kerala.
    Please refer wikipedia. Tinospora_cordifolia Best Regards Mahesh

  5. Hi, I need sudakaran phone number and address (eniku sudarkarnte phone
    number venam. enta sugar theerkanam) enta phone no. 09999853862, 08285373727

  6. There are many common names for this species in different languages.
    Telugu: తిప్ప తీగ (Tippa-teega) Tamil: சீந்தில் கொடி (Shindilakodi)
    Malayalam: ചിറ്റമൃത് (Amruthu, Chittamruthu) Kannada: Amrutha balli,[9]
    Sinhala: Rasakinda,[10] Hindi:geloy (गिलोय), guruc (गुरुच), gurcha,
    Gujarati: galac, garo, Sanskrit: Amritavalli (अमृतवल्ली), amrta (अमृत),
    cinnodbhava (छिन्नोद्भवा), Marathi: Guduchi (गुडूची), gulvel (गुळवेल)
    Oriya: Guluchi

  7. please inform me where i can get the plant??? i have searched a long tim
    for the required..i hav doubtd dat itz fake or not

  8. So many people are now-a-days supplying this medicine, as this is very
    popular and age old medicine used in Ayurvedic preparations. Many of the
    Tinospora genii are availabe in Kerala.(Cordifolia, Tuberculata, Malabarica
    etc.) This particular Genus is Tinospora Tuberculata which also is
    available from the area Calicut to Kasarkkode. and Goa.Well Grown Fleshy
    Stem of this Vine, which is found in huge tree tops, with yarn like
    prop-roots are the speciality of this medicine in natural condition.

  9. Hai, Vikram which medicine is best for diabetes? tell me some tips
    I am waiting for your reply….

  10. i am 49 years old i have sugar level 365 pl inform me from where the plant
    chitamruthu will get

  11. hi vikram pls tell me where yhis medicine available in hyd and how do we
    use it pls reply me soon

  12. Hi Vkram
    I am from Doha, Qatar. I have been Diabetic for last 2 Years and my Sugar
    levels range from 150 (fasting) – 300 (after food) !. I want to use this
    Ayurvedic medicine & please let me know, how to get it ( if possible in

  13. hai my name is prem.my mother had been diagnosed with increased sugar
    levels since last one year.she is in the process of using english
    medicines.but its of no use.i need this medicine to treat her.how to get it
    and where to get it from.please help me out.my no is 09326578983

  14. i am a 27 year diabetic with blood sugar that ranges from 300 – 700 + most
    people do not believe me they say i would be dead or be affected by it only
    thing that is effected by it so far is my memory and i get bad mood swings
    i would like more information on this medicine before i start getting
    effected in worse ways also i was born with diabetes and i did not find out
    until i was 21 because it was beleaved i was ADHD so if you know someone
    with ADD or ADHD please have them checked so they dont suffer from side
    effects of medicine they don’t need and get them the help they need. 

  15. i am ravi k from tirupur Where is the place in kerala ???? pls our
    contact no i am going urgent>>>>