What Everyone Is Saying About Drinking Water

Well, Pure and crystal clear water is the line of life. It is the importance of hydration that gives a lot of benefits of water. You will be amazed by the value and the benefits you take from it! Let us take a deep dive into the heart of water and see how much we do not know about it.



It is suggested to drink eight glasses of water per day. Water is easy, free and it is always have my best choice. Our minds are 90% water while our bodies are about 70%. Now the amount of the needed water is very individual, some advise like eight glasses a day, while others said that take the weight of your body, divide it in half and drink that many liters.


Here are the top benefits of drinking water:



Maximizing physical performance


Water is very important during the heat and the intense exercises because if we do not stay hydrated, physical performance would not support us. This can lead the body to a changeable temperature, low energy and motivation, and causes much difficulty while exercising both physically and mentally.

So if you exercise excessively and tend to sweat a lot, stay hydrate, it can makes you perform your best!


Hydration has a strong effect on energy levels and brain functions


Our brains are strongly affected by our hydration statue.

Studies have showed that after exercising, headache and weaken concentration and mood are obviously seen by losing 1,36% from your body’s water.

Another study showed that by losing about 1.59% is harmful for that it increases the feeling of anxiety and weaken the working memory.

This can occur easily and through daily exercises and highly heat, so mild dehydration can lead to many reduction in our brains and bad performance plus impair energy levels and the mood.


Water may help to reduce or prevent headaches


Dehydration triggers headaches in some people. Now some studies shows that drinking water can reduce or relieve headaches in those who are dehydrated, of course this is depended on the type of the headache, it had no affect on the frequency of it, but it can reduce the pain and the intensity somewhat.


Water helps preventing hangovers


The hangover refers to the unpleasant side effects after drinking alcohol, but alcohol is diuretic so it takes more water from your body than it gives and this leads to dehydration, although dehydration is not the main reason for hangover, but it cause symptoms like thirst, dry mouth and headache.

So drinking a cup of water between drinks can reduce the hangover affects later.


Drinking more water can help you lose your weight


Drinking a lot of water can increase your chances losing weight! Yeah, without exercises you can lose weight! You can find more about losing weight in 7 mind-blowing Ways to Lose Weight without Exercises

This is due to the fact that water helps regulate your consumption of food thus eating fewer calories that will ultimately help you lose weight.

The fact is that a belly-full of water can suppress your hunger and this is because water takes up space in the stomach and revitalizes your organs.

Drinking plenty of water before meals (about 3 cups or approximately 0.5 liters) can reduce your eating by half.

If sometimes you feel sudden hunger, you can drink 2 glasses of water and after 15 minutes, lose that sudden sense of hunger because water would have worked its magic on you.

It’s worth saying that it’s more than just a liquid to quench your thirst. Wherever there is water, there is life and there’s no life without water. If you can survive without food, you may never survive without water and Christ in his good name broke his fast after the 40 day period with nothing more than water.