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5 Strategies For Asthma Attack Treatment At Home

Previously we talked about what is asthma, what are the symptoms and what are the causes. Now, we will talk in this article about the treatment of asthma and answer this question how to treat asthma attack.



If you read a full report about asthma, you will know that is NO treatment of asthma attack but there is a controlling of asthma. We will mention list of the best 5 strategies followed to asthma attack treatment at home:

1- Asthma Action Plan

When you are diagnosed with asthma, it is very important that you work closely with your doctor to control your asthma. By write and develop an “Asthma Action Plan” that you will follow to treat your symptoms and improve your breathing.
Your “Asthma Action Plan” will include medications, what you can do in your daily life to avoid triggers, how to monitor your breathing, what to do when your asthma gets worse, and when you have to call the doctor.

2- Medications For Asthma

Medications will be keep your airways open and reduce swelling, so air can move in and out of your lungs more easily. You will be given an inhaler (asthma nebulizer), but you may also be given a pill (asthma pills) besides the inhaler. The most important thing is that you must take the medicine exactly as instructed by your doctor and regularly.
Medications used to treat asthma are divided into two general classes: quick-relief medications (to treat acute symptoms) and long-term medications (to prevent further exacerbation). Antibiotics are generally not needed for control the asthma symptoms.

3- Lifestyle Management or Modification

It is means knowing every things about asthma triggers and stay away from them. By tracking your activity (using a diary) and find out where the triggers are and avoided them.
For example, wear a mask (buy a mask from Amazon) when you get dust storms, stay away from foods that contain sulfur, refrained from smoking (tobacco and other) and drinking alcohol, and stay away from smokers (passive smoke). Yoga could be provided a small improvements in quality of life and the symptoms in patients with asthma.

4- Alternative Medicine for asthma

Many people with asthma use alternative treatments. There is little data and research to support the effectiveness of most of these therapies, but there is no reason why you used it but you must to see your doctor before that. There are many natural asthma remedies touted to relieve asthma symptoms. But this does not replace what your doctor of medications. Herbs and natural dietary supplements, such as: ginger, mustard oil, figs, garlic, coffee, eucalyptus oil, honey, onions, lemons and carom seeds. Some time you may can try the Yoga. Acupuncture is not recommended for the treatment as there is insufficient evidence to support its use.

5- Things Are Very Important To Do

• Tell your family, friends and colleagues about your asthma.
• Share the “Asthma Action Plan” with them, to help you to do it.
• Tell them how to behave in emergency situations.
• Keep your doctor’s phone number on paper, to be used in an emergency.

We hope this article is useful. We talked about the five strategies to control the disease: write an “Asthma Action Plan”, medications (inhaler or pill), lifestyle management or modification, alternative treatments and other things are very important.